Thursday, January 15, 2009

Baby, It's Cold Out There

Before I moved up here to the North Way, I never talked about the weather much, that was a sign of a bore, or a boor, but up here in Montreal, it's one of the ways we bond with loved ones, friends, and strangers.

Today, yesterday, the day before that, tomorrow, and the day after tomorrow, it's been hovering and will hover around -30, that's Celcius folks, the wind chill making it even more bitter. The kind of weather where your face burns and your toes and fingers go numb, even with gloves on. Don't go out with wet hair, as is my habit (being a swimmer, indoors lately) or you will don a halo of icicles!

My old beater of a van is now stuck on Old Orchard. I thought I was being a good citizen not parking in front of someone's driveway and inadvertently slogged myself into a mini-snowbank. New "winters" notwithstanding, no body could free that sucker. Thanks to the kindness of strangers, I had lots of help, and there will be more tonight.

But there are some nice sides to these Arctic temps, so enjoy some of my own favorite winter pleasures.

Huddle in front of ... a blazing fire

Drink some... hot, sweet, milky tea... or strong, rich coffee and warm your hands on the sides of the cup, your face in curls of steam

Find yourself an enveloping read...or two and catch up on that stack of unread magazines, journals and newspapers

Bundle up and go a great film (I'll be viewing Defiance)...or watch one on dvd curled under flannel sheets and a cloud of duvets and blankets

Take comfort in...the warmth of friends and loved ones

Slow down your pace and relish some...luscious indoor time to write, dream, and think

Stay warm if you live up here

And send me news from warmer climes if you are down south.



Anonymous said...

Although getting one's car stuck in the snow is pretty bad, waiting long hours for the bus trumps all, especially if your stop happens to be devoid of a bus-shelter.
STM, if you're listening...

Leo said...

Believe it or not, this used to be normal. January and February were always cold, and always sub -20C in Montreal. Remember January 15, 2004? It was -30C.

But recently, particularly over the past four or five years (with the exception of the above), Montreal has been downright balmy. People playing golf in January. Bikers continuing their pedaling well into December. The memory of the way it used to be in Montreal (snow banks six feet high, Siberian cold, a hermit-like existance) became a distant memory.

So now, it goes back to 'normal' and we all have to put away our golf clubs for real until April.

Your lucky you have a car. We've volunarily given ours up for the past two years, and I regret not having something to do the shopping in. Even if it is a cold, metal box with some heat in it. Mind you, a brisk (brief) walk in the cold doesn't hurt either provided you have your winters on. Long johns, that is. Even that word is now passé. It's now thermal undergarments.

Where I grew up - in the heart of the BC interior - temperatures of -30 were common in winter, but it was a lot drier, so it didn't feel so bone-chilling cold as it does here.

All of your suggestions for staying warm are great. You just forgot the skiing beforehand, so that duvet feels so much more warming than otherwise.

Indeed, stay warm. Wherever you are.

peacelovesweetness said...

True, too true..
But you did forget one extremely important one...
A steaming, marshmellow filled mug of hot chocolate! Gotta love that in this weather....