Monday, September 1, 2008

Blog Virgin Speaks Out

Dear Readers,

Welcome to chez-Ami. I'm very excited to have my own blog and be able to mouth off like the native New Yorker I am.

Very soon, on October 23rd, my third work of fiction will get out there, into the light. So Montrealers, please join me to make The White Space Between welcome in the world. The event will take place at Paragraphe Bookstore on McGill College and I hope to see you all there. I have in store upcoming events in Quebec City, Toronto (Jewish Book Festival, Holocaust Education Week), and Vancouver (Jewish Book Festival), as well as back in Montreal and other cities in Canada and the Big Bad USA! I'll keep you all posted on specifics soon.

I've worked harder on this novel than anything else in the past and hope readers will connect with the story.

As a woman, as a writer, as a woman writer, I see myself as a force of connection: between past and present, between the dead and the living, between the lost and the found. In writing The White Space Between, I hope to keep alive the story and the complex emotions of a mother, a survivor of the Holocaust, and her artist daughter, a marionette-maker and puppeteer, who grapple with the reverberations of this atrocity in the present. I believe that the dead can inhabit us if their stories and lives are powerful. I believe that stories possess life, a beating heart all their own.


STOP!!! 'n the name of love said...

Personally, I can't wait for the launch and the opportunity to finally meet you. Your past work has tugged my heart-strings and challenged my mind to inhabit the dark, passionate areas of human suffering and seduction. You are a truly gifted author.

Leo said...

Great site. Nice way to connect with your readers, and to find the opportunity to riff on where you are at the moment on the Big Tour.

Looking forward to the launch in October.

carlita said...

I like the new blog, especially the title of your intial post: Blog Virgin Speaks out"! (Not to be confused with "Bog Virgin Speaks Out" which would place you in Ireland or my home turf, Minnesota.) I am enjoying the intelligent and thought-provoking musings on writing, writers and life. May one hundred conversations bloom!

Rayna P said...

Wow. It's such a nice site! I'm really looking forward to seeing you at the book launch in October, and I plan on keeping up with the latest of your blog posts.